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  Einzelpakete Virtual Mailbox
Fee per package received $2 $2
Fee per package mailed out GRATIS GRATIS
Konsolidierungsgebühr N/A $3 per package
Special request $5 $5
Outside photos GRATIS GRATIS
Photo of label GRATIS GRATIS
Einzelfoto des Inhalts Gebühr $2 $2
Multi Inhaltsfotos Gebühr $5 $5
Your Own US address yes yes
Up to 80% shipping discounts yes yes
Tax free warehouse no yes
Europäisches Warehouse yes yes
Consolidations no yes
Discounted shipping no yes
More than one package at warehouse yes yes



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Discounted shipping


Discounted shipping

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Bank fee

Postage shipping cost also includes 4.3% bank fee, which can be returned if you pay us by wire transfer (bank transfer) or  Bitcoin. The fee cover  the cost of receiving the banking charges. You can find more information about it in our FAQ.

Lager Gebühr

You can pay for additional space if you need it. If you go over the size of the mailbox you get charged $1 per day for each additional 18 cubic feet of storage space used

Übergewicht Gebühren

Paket Gewicht Gebühr
up to 30lbs $0
30 - 70lbs $10
70 - 100lbs $20
100 - 149lbs $30
150lbs+ $50